Santa Express Lunch Board


featuring these foods, some on a rotating basis


Assorted Fresh Local Breads. •. Gluten-Free Wraps/Bread

Homemade Stews and Soups (no meat)

[Corn Chowder, Split Pea, White Bean, Broccoli-Cheddar, Tomato & Pasta]

Maine Amish Farm-Produced Cheeses

Roast Turkey Breast

Honey-Roasted Ham

Fresh Local Greens / Side Dressings

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Homemade Apple Sauce

Local Sauerkraut

Mustards • Mayonnaise. •. Chutneys • Relish

Locally-Made Pickles

Cookies. •. Brownies • Homemade Treats of the Day

Motor Car Rides


No Motorcar Rides Labor Day Due to Weather!

Ride the rails on a motor car with an experienced maintenance of way crew member!

Enjoy this roughly hour long motor car journey where you experience what it was like for maintenance crews to ride the rails. 

Fall Foliage Train Ride


Sure, the leaves are mostly gone, but there still is some remaining color.

So relax and enjoy our last fall foliage train ride on a round trip scenic train ride as we take you on a ride to see the last remaining colors and late fall vistas of the woods, streams, and fields of Waldo County.

BML Train Ride


Enjoy the beautiful piney woods, rolling fields, and creeks from either our open air observation car or from the comfort of our classic coach. 

Travel time is approximately one hour.

Cider and Donuts Train Ride


Enjoy hot Apple Cider and freshly made donuts on a train ride to kick off spring on a round trip train ride through scenic views of the woods, streams, and fields of Waldo County. 

Travel time is approximately one hour.

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