Passengers can board trains 10 minutes before departure.

Trains must leave on schedule so please arrive at least 20 minutes before departure to park and purchase tickets.

The Common Ground Railroad Platform is right off the fair grounds commons behind the administrative buildings.



Train Schedule

Depart Location
8:50 AM    Thorndike
9:05 AM    Fairground
9:25 AM    Thorndike
9:40 AM    Fairground
10:00 AM    Thorndike
10:15 AM    Fairground
10:35 AM    Thorndike
10:50 AM    Fairground
11:10 AM    Thorndike
11:25 AM    Fairground
11:45 AM    Thorndike
12:00 PM    Fairground
12:20 PM    Thorndike
12:35 PM    Fairground
12:55 PM    Thorndike
1:10 PM    Fairground
1:30 PM    Thorndike
1:45 PM    Fairground
2:05 PM    Thorndike
2:20 PM    Fairground
2:35 PM    Thorndike
2:55 PM    Fairground
3:10 PM    Thorndike
3:30 PM    Fairground
3:45 PM    Thorndike
4:05 PM    Fairground
4:20 PM    Thorndike
4:40 PM    Fairground
4:55 PM    Thorndike
5:15 PM    Fairground
5:30 PM    Thorndike
5:50 PM    Fairground
6:10 PM    Thorndike
6:40 PM    Fairground


Last train for Thorndike departs MOFGA at 6:40 PM (Friday & Saturday)

Last train for Thorndike departs MOFGA at 5:15 PM (Sunday Only)


Seating is subject to space and availability at time of departure and our operation is not handicapped accessible at this time.

The Railroad reserves the right to change train equipment and schedules without advance notice. The railroad cannot be responsible for unscheduled delays.