Take our Unity Train to the fair.  This train takes roughly 15 minutes to travel between stations.

Note:  Our parking and loading area is at Envirem Organics at the end of Cornshop Road off route 220.  

Cornshop Road is just beyond the entrance to Dunkin Donuts on route 220 if you are at the intersection of Depot Street and Route 220.  

Look for our ticket booth and passenger loading area located near the railroad tracks.

Please DO NOT PARK at CONE'Z or the Laundry Mart.


Directions for Unity Train

Set your GPS destination to the Cornshop Road in Unity. (NOTE: Older GPS may have this as the Hatchery Road). 

If coming by route 139 to the fair, the Cornshop Road will be your second left beyond the Donkin Donuts when you reach the end of Depot Street.

If coming by route 220 to the fair, Cornshop Road will be on your right just before the Dunkin Donuts and the intersection with route 139.  The parking area is at the end of the road around the buildings.  Head for the tracks and you'll find our ticket booth and boarding area.


Click the link "View Larger Map" to enable driving directions 

 Unity Parking and Boarding Area


Seating is subject to space and availability at time of departure and our operation is not handicapped accessible at this time. 


The Railroad reserves the right to change train equipment and schedules without advance notice. The railroad cannot be responsible for unscheduled delays.

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